Employability skills : Road to professional growth !!!

Youth of our nation needs skill that makes them self-confident, self-reliant and also future ready. Human resources with high competitiveness and employability skills are needed to face the era of technological disruption but employers find a lack of expertise among job seekers.
Employability refers to your ability to gain initial employment, maintain. employment, and obtain new employment if required. It is having a set of skills, knowledge, understanding and personal attributes. In other words, employability is the possession by an individual of the qualities and competencies required to meet the changing needs of employers and customers and thereby help to realize his or her aspirations and potential in work. Employers are often looking for skills that go beyond qualifications and experience. So, in order to be employable, one needs to possess certain set of attributes, skills and knowledge that ensure they have the capability of getting employed and be effective in the workplace to the benefit of themselves, their employer and the wider economy 

Status of employability according to India Skill Report 2021

The biggest challenge in education today is to generate graduates who have academic skills, ability in mastering technical skills, and balanced employability skills. People will be more easily employed if they have extensive education and training, high skills, ability to work in teams, the ability of information and communication technology (ICT), ability to solve problems, and communication skills. Employability skills in demand for 2021 consists of critical thinking and analysis. The relevant skills towards working are widely used in the era of disruption and in the future including three main groups: cognitive abilities, basic skills, and cross functional skills. But most of the projected skills in the future will be dominated by soft skills and technological skills. Because of the significance of employability skills, the education system needs to apply employability skills in every learning process

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