Why Should I ( Indian Youth ) Register On EFOS ?

  • You should register on EFOS for your ‘career and education planning’ needs. These includes
  • – Information on verified opportunities. EFOS keeps you updated on various options for higher learning, skill development, jobs and more.
  • – Access to counselling and handholding on available ‘opportunities’ and your aspirations on the EFOS platform.
  • – Opportunity/Offers from select, Verified & Trusted stakeholders only. EFOS understands the critical importance of it.

What Is For Me If I Register On EFOS.In ?
How Can I Make The Best Use Of EFOS.In?

  • EFOS shares verified information and opportunities with you through your login dashboard. Your expressed needs and profile details enable us to do the first level screening and match making.
  • EFOS team and outreach network partners touch base with you on specific opportunities via EFOS App, Whats app, Email and Direct calls.
  • You can request for EFOS counselling through your login dashboard both by putting your query or asking for a telecom. EFOS Helpline – Via App Connect or Phone Call available to all registered and verified users.

What If I Am Not Seeing Or Getting Information Which I Am Looking At EFOS.

  • Let us know your specific query (or queries) through your dashboard, may request for counselling telecom.

How Can I Refer To My Friends/Relatives On EFOS?

  • May ask your friends/relatives to register ‘online’
  • May share his/her details with us through ‘refer a friend’ asking us to call/reach out.
  • You can also share the relevant opportunities with your friends via social media, whatsapp and through direct link. They will register to apply.

What If I Forget My Phone Number And Login Id ?

    • (i) if you remember and use your registered email and phone number you can always generate fresh Login user name and password online
    • (ii) if you don’t remember your login ID, Password , Phone number , Email . Then you may put your request ‘online’ for login help by EFOS executive


  • Create a fresh registration. EFOS registration desk will connect with you in case of duplicity.

What If I Change My Location? Will I Be Assigned A New Local EFOS Partner?

    • Yes . If you request so .


  • when EFOS system administrator connect with you for the same based on location change in current-communication address/location in your profile

How Can I Meet The EFOS Team ?

  • EFOS team comprises its ‘employees’ and ‘field outreach partners’
  • You can always touch base with the EFOS team through your EFOS login dashboard placing (i) query (ii) request for counselling/telecon with EFOS executive.
  • You can find nearest EFOS centre/ HQ details for reach out/meeting.

For youth seeking education/training/certificate courses
How Will I Know That The College/Institute/Training Provider Suggested By EFOS Are Good ?

  • EFOS gathers and evaluates market and field level information on ‘educational opportunities and their providers’ before sharing them on the platform and with candidates. It’s a continuous process at EFOS to collect feedback and cross check.
  • EFOS verified tag is put with those opportunities which have credentials among ‘peers’ and alumni feedback including feedback from those who opted for these opportunities through EFOS platform.
  • You are always prompted to do the self check on ‘ college and course suggestions’ independently while being sensitised about them on the EFOS platform. EFOS complements your choices and ongoing efforts for decision making .

What Is The EFOS Process Of Selecting A College/Institute Or Course ?

  • EFOS is guided by the certainty in meeting your expressed needs, career aspirations and professional success in a quality manner. EFOS process ensures that the ‘aspirant youth’ gets the correct and authentic information about the institute/course.

Can I Get Free Counselling From EFOS If I Am Preparing For Govt. Exams ?

  • Yes. You can request for EFOS counselling through your login dashboard both by putting your query or asking for a telecon. However please note that it will be limited to questions pertaining to ‘services’ and ‘service providers’ which you find on EFOS platform. Any other questions may /may not find ready counselling with us.

If I Choose A College And Submit The Fee , Later I Decided Not To Study In That College , Will EFOS Help Me To Withdraw The Fee Submitted ?

  • Yes , however the final decision on ‘refund’ will be of college management.
  • There is a refund policy decided by the regulatory authorities like AICTE/UGC for admissions. EFOS will help candidates in getting a refund as per policy guidelines providing information on the policy to take up the matter with the right authorities.

For Any Skill Development Course Recommended By EFOS, If The Facilities Provided Are Not As Good As Mentioned, How Will EFOS Help Me?

  • Yes, EFOS will inform and discuss any such issues with the ‘training provider’.
  • Your feedback on any such issues is important to EFOS for ‘assessment of training partner’ EFOS counselling and and ‘future recommendations’ .

How Will EFOS Resolve The Issue Of Non-Delivery In Case Of Training/Placement Commitment Given By Any Institutes?

  • EFOS proactively takes up ‘non-delivery’ issues with the ‘training provider/institute’ at senior management levels to know the causes and corrective steps undertaken.
  • Your feedback on any such issues is important to EFOS and we factor them in for future counselling and recommendations including; review of continuing EFOS association with the training partner/institute .

For Particular Course , EFOS Has Tieup With Only Few Colleges While There Are 1000s Of Colleges Providing The Same Course, Why I Should Trust EFOS?

  • EFOs shares and recommends only select, verified opportunities. It does not maintain and share the directory of institutes/courses for youth to discover and choose from at their own risk.

EFOS Says That Colleges Associated With Them Are Good ? How ?

  • Above provided criteria.

What Is The Process Of Verifying Any College By EFOS?.

  • Above provided criteria.

For youth seeking Job opportunities-
If I Join A Job And They Fire Me After 3 Days How EFOS Can Help Me ?

  • Please inform EFOS executive who has been in touch with you for this job opportunity in any such scenario.
  • AND
  • ‘Share update’ through your EFOS login.
  • This is important for EFOS to know such ‘development’ and ‘reasons behind it’ to safeguard the interests of you and other candidates.EFOS ensures due diligence before putting any job/connecting any candidate to avoid such happening and will analyse the reasons behind it. If it is found to be the fault of service provider ( including miscommunication) , EFOS undertake appropriate steps including stop sharing opportunities of such service provider from its platform.

How EFOS Will Help Me To Join A Job And Relocation For The Same ?

  • EFOS executive in touch with you on the job opportunity will guide and handhold you on ‘joining process’ and all associated details for its completion.
  • For your ‘relocation issues’ please discuss these with the EFOS executive as he/she will take them into consideration for all possible efforts to assist, address and resolve such requirements.

What If I Relocate And Do Not Like The Job And Want To Change The Job ? How Will EFOS Help Me ?

  • Please update your ‘currently looking for’ status in your login. Let us know your preferences updating your profile details, putting queries, request for counselling.