What Is A ‘Unique Profile Management’ At EFOS, How Will It Help Me As EFOS Client ( Or Opportunity Provider)?

  • EFOS strives to fulfil specific needs of the youth on his/her career aspirations, planning and decision making. We assist them with verified information, counselling and handholding in the process.
  • These expressed needs of youth , efficient match making of opportunities through especially designed users (youth) profile, physical reach-out partner network together with counselling facility on EFOS platform enables us to serve both opportunity seekers as well as opportunity providers with a difference.

For Education & Training Institutes/Industry training program Opportunity Providers
What Kind Of Students/Youth EFOS Have?

  • Youth across educational, geographical, socio economic spectrum are on the EFOS platform looking for higher education, skills and certificate courses to enhanced their employability, better entry level pay-scales and self employability.

What Is The Surety That You Can Provide 100 Students For Our Admission Requirements?

  • EFOS hybrid network approach i.e. combination of online platform and field mobilisation partner network provides assurance for desired youth engagement/outreach.

Our Training/Education Program Need 200 Candidates Every Month, Can You Provide That ?

  • Yes, we can. Let us know your eligibility-target audience criteria.

We Are Looking For Candidates Who Should Be From At Least 300 Km From Our Location, Will You Be Able To Provide That?

  • Yes, EFOS ‘Hybrid network outreach’ is especially designed to address issues associated with wider geographical/demographic reach out. EFOS is capable of engaging with youth of desired ‘profile’ to meet your needs.

Our College/Institute Has Admission Criteria Of Minimum 60% In 12th, And We Need Bright Candidates, How You Will Help Us?

  • We shortlist the candidates of ‘desired profile’ from our registered user base to share the opportunity with them. We also activate EFOS field reach out network partner network to share the ‘opportunity’ with youth in their locality that are yet not on the EFOS platform.

Our Training Program/ Educational Course Is Very Specific And It Requires Very Specialized Candidates To Join. How Sure You Are That EFOS Can Engage Such Candidates For Us.

  • EFOS has drive, scale and processes to share ‘specific opportunities’ with youth meeting their aspirations to acquire ‘ career competitiveness with differentiation’ ensuring quality, affordability and success. Try us to see the results.

What Promotion Activities EFOS Undertakes To Reach Out To The Candidates? How Will Our Brand Be Used In Promotion Of Our Course? How Can We Be Assured That Our Brand Is Not Affected While Promoting The Course?

  • EFOS undertakes several initiatives on regular bases to engage youth on multiple channels. Prominent among these are use of ‘Digital platforms’ and ‘EFOS physical reach out partners network’ comprising EFOS district centres, EFOS cells, EFOS points and EFOS experts.

We Want To Make Sure That There Is No False Commitment Is Being Made For The Admission In Our Institute Or There Is No Money Transaction For Committing Our Institute Admission. How Will You Ensure This?

  • EFOS connects shortlisted students (or share leads) with your institute who are pre screened to match (a) your eligibility criteria and; (b) their initial interest.
  • From here on EFOS plays the supportive role to both parties ( i.e. institute and potential candidate) in decision making and due process completion.
  • EFOS is committed to trust based information sharing to safeguard the ‘interests of youth’. Therefore EFOS look forward to work with only those institutes which ‘deliver what has been promised’.
  • EFOS does not charge any ‘fee’ from potential candidates in lieu of assured admission or on successful admission either on platform or through its outreach network partner.

We Are An International Institute; Will EFOS Help With Visa Processing And Other Formalities Also?

  • EFOS is open to deliver such handholding engaging trusted service providers.

We Want To Conduct An Online Test And Personal Interview While Short Listing The Candidates For Our Education/Training Program? How Can EFOS Help Us With That?

  • Yes. EFOS is open to support/work on the full (or part of) admission/placement selection‘process with you.

We Are Very Specific On The Criteria To Select A Candidate Because Our Program Is Very Specialized. Can You Help Us To Find Those Specific Candidates?

  • We are interested to know your requirements? EFOS connects shortlisted students (or share qualified leads) matched on (a) your eligibility criteria and; (b) their interest .

For Employment/Internship/Business partnership Opportunity providers
Our Main Problem Is Retention Of The Candidates In The Job. How Will EFOS Address That?

  • We can suggest and help you in better ‘manpower sourcing and on job management’ on the basis of your ‘learning and analysis’ on the issue. EFOS is committed to provide ‘youth’ with dependable opportunities for their career growth and therefore we would be interested to know issues and resolve ‘retention’ issues with right mobilisation and sourcing strategy.
  • For example, different interests of work force are observed for candidates from different geographies. People from some locations are specific to handlooms, some locations are for labor work, and some are good for technical work. EFOS harness such insights and information to streamline and address your specific manpower needs to maximise engagement.

There Are Many Candidates Leaving The Company As Soon As They Join Or In Some Time, How Will EFOS Help In Solving This Problem? Are There Any Ways EFOS Can Help In The Retention Of The Candidates

  • It is important for employees’ to have a visible career progression plan within the organization or capability building for future in case of job change for better opportunities.
  • EFOS being a employment, employability and entrepreneurship building opportunity service provider can help you in making and communicating the career progression plan for the candidates.
  • These can be achieved by making available work integrated vocational education, specialized certificate programs or distance education opportunities to the candidates. This will help you to engage as well as retain Quality Candidates ensuring both retention as well as high productivity.

There Are Some Govt Initiatives Like NEEM , NAPS And Such Work Integrated Education Models. Can EFOS Support Us In Implementing These Schemes?

  • EFOS is partner to many facilitators of such initiatives/ services. EFOS help companies to establish these work integrated education models in their organisation as well as to find the right candidates for those programs for the company.

How Can EFOS Help Us In Relocation Of The Candidates?

  • Relocation of the candidates is not the service provided by the EFOS.

We Are Hiring For Our Outstation Plant Which Is In A Remote Area. How Will EFOS Convince Candidates To Join There?

  • EFOS addresses this issue by precise screening of candidates with interest to join the ‘job station’ from outreach to wider pool of candidates across geographies together with counselling support.
  • Also EFOS will share/suggest improvements to make opportunity ‘more attractive’ based on insights gained during the process .

For Scholarship/Targeted assistance or Training or Job Opportunity providers
Our Scholarship Is Very Specific, It Wants Outreach To A Particular Location With Particular Criteria? How Will You Solve That Problem?

  • We are interested to know your specific requirements? EFOS ‘hybrid platform and network’ is uniquely positioned to addressee such specific outreach challenges related to location and eligibility criteria.

Our Skill Development Centre Requires Candidates Only From BPL Background And Also They Need To Be Ready For Job. How Will EFOS Ensure That (A) They Do Not Drop Out And; (B0 Join In Numbers We Require At A Particular Time? We Also Have To Maintain Category Ratio While Selecting The Candidates.

  • EFOS short listing of candidates combines its ‘detailed database and precise filtering’ on a wide range of specific parameters ( i.e. data points who are then approached for their ‘interest confirmation’ to proceed further with the mobilisation process.
  • EFOS field outreach partner network complements in ‘engagement and on boarding’ of existing and fresh users ensuring effective ‘turnout’ , criteria matching and lowering dropouts.