Exam Fever : Role of Students and Parents to Overcome it

School and College Exam season is on and  I still remember Pragya (student of Class XII) who was unable to sleep from many days due to tension of upcoming board exams. She was stammering and unable to maintain her balance of mind. Her mind was storming with worries about her score in Class XII boards having scored 65% in Class X and to everyone’s surprise just 40% in pre boards of Class XII.
I made her comfortable and asked her the reason behind her worries. I could find that she was suffering from exam fever. She was wasting her precious time, effort and energy because of preoccupied assumption that she won’t be able to do well in exams and fear was taking her into darkness. Pragya is just an example, cases of this sort are increasing day by day. These students require proper counseling as tension or exam phobia can lead to physical problems like stomach ache, weakness, headache and vertigo. One is feverish without having fever.

Reasons for examination fever:
 Lack of trust in oneself

 Storm of questions in mind

 Feeling pressure of outcome

 Expectations from family and teachers

 Lack of self confidence

Ways to overcome such phobia:
 Realization of the problem

 Building of self- confidence

 Proper time management

 Effort in targeted direction

What students should do:

 Prepare timetable and then study

 Concentrate on three different subjects daily at different time

 Don’t study continuously. Take small breaks to watch T.V. or to play.

 Avoid oily food. Eat little lesser than one’s diet.

 Exercise daily or go for walks

 Seven hours sleep in must daily. Avoid studying whole night

 Keep revising whatever you have learned at regular intervals

 Keep faith in yourself

 Don’t compare yourself with your classmates or friends

 Feel comfortable to talk to your parents or guardians if there is problem of any sort

What Parents should do:
 Keep motivating the student

 Never create pressure regarding exam result

 Try to accompany the student and provide them with comfortable platform so that they can talk freely with you in case of any problem.

 Try to provide assistance in studies

 Never compare your child with others.

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