Skilling ecosystem in India: Unlocking the potential of youth

In Skill Development, Govt is trying to create an ECO system that will compete with the formal educational structure at the same time provide opportunities for a career.
Let’s compare two career paths: One person from a middle-class family completes his/her 12th class from a CBSE school and his family takes a loan for his engineering education from a private college. After B.tech he/she does not get a job from campus After spending 8-10 lac and 4 precious year outcome is zero . Another situation is when a student completes 12th from govt school and he does not know what to do. With the govt funding, he completes 2 month program in an electrician and start a job at Rs. 6000. Slowly, he joined another higher-level skill program with his job and in the next 4-5 years he completed his Credit Based Degree in Electrician and starts earning 15-18k per month. He is Skilled and also has a degree. This is the way forward.
With this Eco system this person can also go for Master in Electrician, even PhD in Electrician and can proud on the work he/she does.In India, technically education business is not meant to earn profit but in reality education has become like real estate business and despite spending lacs of rupees student gets nothing concrete.
There are big universities which are creating Manpower for service sector and claiming 1000-5000 placement in a year but they are the again destroying the entire ecosystem. They are preparing robots who are good for nothing.

Skill Eco System will be providing an opportunity for small entrepreneurs to come forward and give their life in the progress of the nation.
EFOS addresses the need of Indian youth for access to verified information, counseling and handholding on trusted options for education, skills, career planning and progression.

On this world youth skill day 2021 , lets be hopeful and take pledge to contribute in Skill Mission of India.
Sachin Jain Ranjan Singh Dr. Akansha Jain

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