Work integrated education is the future of Indian education system

Work integrated education is the future of Indian education system. It is in budding phase and lot of innovations, processes and best practices needs to be penned down and implemented for betterment of Indian education system.
Tata Institute of Social Sciences- School of Vocational Education is the pioneer who has led down the foundation stone of work integrated education in India.
Shri Vishwakarma Skill University, Haryana led by able leadership of Raj Nehru has made remarkable growth in very short span in this domain.
Centurion University is also leading from front and various other universities and coming up with these different programs
There is high need to create transitional pathways which integrate skill/ vocational education with the conventional/ formal education. This framework should be designed in such a way that it provides students with adequate freedom and time to take informed decisions on their choices.
Transitional pathways/ credit transfers should be provided to mobility to students to gradually progress.

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