Pay after Placement- Need of Hour

The dilemma youth of today is facing is that will he get a job after he completes his studies. Is the money spend by him to build his career will actually fetch him career?
Hefty investment on fees made by student is risky investment as there is no guaranteed placement. As per reports, 35% of students get placed at the end of the program in B schools.
The colleges are losing reputation as they fail to provide ample employment opportunities to youth studying with them.
So, the rising and much in demand is the concept of #payafterplacement. This gives the chance to students to pay once they are placed.
Many companies are coming up with this concept as it is need of hour. It has helped youth to regain faith in educational institutions and quality of education provided has also raised bars. The fees is paid after one get placed from salary so self confidence of youth gets boosted and need to take education loan before getting admission does not arise.

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