Job and Admission seekers : Beware of Frauds

You might have taken note of the  recent news ( click to read) in national daily about two persons  arrested for duping more than 300 people on the name of providing govt jobs. 
Fraud on the name of Admissions ( skill & higher education seekers)  and Employment (Job seekers) is rampant  across India. Few of these frauds are reported. Above news has come to limelight (or got tracked)  because  more than 300 people  have been duped . Frauds with individual   never get reported or  highlighted in Media . 

Youth looking for admissions and jobs  gets cheated in their desperation  for promised shortcuts (jugaad), lured by informal brokers or crafty players with organised network, office and  marketing setup . 
We at EFOS have in last 10 years have taken note of  this malice of  non approved-recognized colleges offering degrees (fake colleges and fake degrees)  and bright future, companies/brokers offering either fake job opportunities or the ones with scant regard for ‘hiring and employee management practices’ .

We abhor such practices and warn about such players while counselling and communicating with youth, and; keep raising issue of  ‘fraud players’ and ‘inefficient policy administration’ at  various  digital and offline  forums regularly. 
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