Importance of career counselling

Walking on road without knowing which route is best for you and the desired place where this route will take you, will end you nowhere.
Similarly, in your #career, knowing best field which matches your skills and also which has #jobopportunities is very essential.
Studies show 1 in 3 students are unhappy with the course that they have opted for. This number become very huge ranging nearly half a million dissatisfied university students! This number is really shocking.
Career counseling plays very vital role in education domain. If you get right guidance at right time your life will be made.
Counselling from right counsellor( one who is good listener, observer, problem solver and has proper knowledge of various domains) is utmost important.
Career counselling involves creation of secure and trustworthy environment between counsellor and student, evaluation of aptitude and personality by Relevant Psychometric Assessments, deep discussions and right guidance.

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