Choosing Right Course for Higher Education- Key Steps to Keep in Mind

Getting college education in their ‘course of choice’  from  leading college is cherished by  aspiring students.  ‘What is right right  and how to choose course for higher education?’  is a question which bothers  every student and their parents/well-wishers . However;  there is  no single answer to this question. There are certain steps which must be considered to  decide ‘course of choice’  are as below:
Step#1:  Your Interest–  The most basic consideration in the choice of a college major or college course is, of course, what you want.
Step#2: Your brief academic performance in area of your interest-You should also consider how you scored previously in your area of interest. In case you were unable to score high, reconsider your interest. Try to explore your inner interest.
Step#3: Your Aptitude– Choosing a course also requires an assessment of your skills and talents.  You may know what you want, but do you know what you’re good at? Interest and aptitude are two different things.  Ideally, you should pursue a college course or choose a college major that allows you to explore both.
Step#4: Your Values – Only monetary satisfaction from career in course selected should not be criteria while selection of course. Values help determine what you’d like to get out of a career besides material compensation.
Step#5 Money Matters- Money matters because it will dictate what course you can or cannot afford.
Step#6 Time Horizon- Consider the time duration required for completion of course.
Step#7 Practical Considerations– You should also be aware of what you’re getting into when choosing a course.  What will your college course require you to do?  Are you willing to do it? 
Step#8 Recent Scenario/ placement opportunities – One should have insight of what are the recent trends for the particular course are in the market. You should be aware about placement opportunities about your career after completion of course
Step#9 Other People’s Feedback– Besides guidance counselors, family and friends, you may also want to ask other people for their opinions regarding the matter
Step#10 EFOS Team  Advice– Last but not the least, consult EFOS team before arriving at any conclusion for better future. 

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