Build Skills that matter: Reskilling is key to success in this tough times

This pandemic has bought about a large employment crisis and also it has led everyone to realize the fact that the smartest and the one who has updated skills as per the market requirement will emerge as the winner. The last few months have witnessed rapid digitization and consolidation within companies. Online has become the new buzz word and businesses have within no span of time have gone through a digital transformation that could have taken years otherwise. Companies have gone for cost-cutting and in this era, the rule which prevailed was that the smartest will survive and grow. This is a unique scenario that which we are witnessing unemployment on the one hand and the need for rapidly evolving and growing skills on the other hand. This has made reskilling the most important and urgent need of the hour.
Reskilling is the process of learning new skills so that you stay well ahead and find yourself the smartest and finest to cope with changes in work demanded by your business or corporate. These are  ‘adjacent skills’ that are close to the new skills your company requires. It provides a lateral learning experience. Continually learning and thinking out of the box to enrich oneself to be ready with what may be expected later on is reskilling. It requires a proactive approach and you cannot be constant and rely on what you know or keep working in one direction for long as this world keeps on changing so frequently.
The World Economic Forum estimates that over half of all employees (54%) will require significant reskilling by 2022. Nasscom with Indian IT firms has reskilled over a third of the 4.5 million workforces in India in digital skills, helping the tech sector grow in a pandemic year.
It is high time when employees are required to take ownership of their learning. Let’s reskill for a better future!!!

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