Beware: Scammers taking advantage of India’s job problem

Fraud on the name of Employment (Job seekers) is rampant across India. Fake job racket has been growing and spreading its tentacles and it is booming industry now. In a day or two the news about the fake offer letter, taking money in name of job etc is forming headlines of newspaper. 
We at EFOS have in last 10 years have taken note of his malice of companies/brokers offering either fake job opportunities or the ones with scant regard for ‘hiring and employee management practices’ .
We abhor such practices and warn about such players while counselling and communicating with youth, and; keep raising issue of  ‘fraud players’ and ‘inefficient policy administration’ at  various digital and offline forums regularly.
Do write to us in case of any such experience so that we can spread awareness at jobscam@efos.in


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