Alert News – Fake Job Offers via Online Portals

Alert News – Fake Job Offers via Online Portals 

Are you a Job Aispirants?
Are you searching For Jobs online ? 
Are you uploading your CV on Online portals ?
Are you applying jobs on Social Media Advertisement ? 
Are you getting whatsapp for Lucarative Job Offers ?

After Applying for any of these mediums you will start getting calls and mails for the job in Big Corporate at salary of  Rs. 15000-30000 per month, They will ask your CV and will say that you will be surely selected in their said company and get a job offer within 2-3 days, you just need to pay a small amount like Rs. 500 and Sometime it increases upto Rs. 5000. After giving money many times these consultants does not respond or sometimes they give fake offer letters. These Fake Job offers are happening specially specially with tier 2/tier 3 candidates.

These candidates mostly belong to middle class or lower middle class, comes to metro cities first time and when they start searching their first job they end up connecting with these fake agencies. 

Many of these fake agencies are take low money like Rs. 500 or Rs. 1000 thats why candidate does not go to police station or anywhere else to complain against them. But these people cheat 100 of people each day and make big money. 

Online Job Platform who provide candiadtes data to consultancy are a big help in this, by getting daily new data these agencies reach to the potential candidate and  give information for fake lucrative jobs and candidate end up paying their fee. 

EFOS Suggestion for Candiadtes –  

– Most of the genuine consultancy does not charge anything from the candidate for the job interview. 

– Genunie job has to be in the company office.- If you have doubt on the Interview location ask nearby people for the same and only than participate in Interviews. – Lucrative job offers like Govt. Job, Contractual Govt. Jobs Jobs in Big coprorate does not have any entry without interview or selection by giving bribes etc. Please beware. – Some companies charge one time for the KIT i.e. T-Shirt, Bag, Securities etc but that money they never charge in cash, their will ask only for Online Transaction in the Company Accounts. 

– Some consultancies charges for the Training but in these cases they sometime says 100% job gaurantee but for these one has to asses the quality of that training provider. 

–  Self Sponsored Training after Selection i.e. First one get a job and after that he/she has to pay for the induction traiing. These should be verified with the main company before giving fee and all fee should be in account transfer no cash. 

Policy Recommondation – 
This system needs to be highlighted by central media and govt should form a special team should be formed to catch these agencies accross India. These people will cheat these innocent candidates who are alrady under pressure for getting their first job. 

EFOS is working towards creating a trusted platform with physical network presence in tier 2 and tier 3 cities to provide the correct information and only the authentic opportunities for job, training , admissions, skill development etcReach us – connect@efos.in to know more.#fakejobs#trustedplatform#efos

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