Program Accreditation: 1 year Diploma by Medhavi Skill University

1 year – Total hours: 1500 Hours Total

Theory: 450 hours – Internship: 1050 Hours

1-year Diploma in Food Production

About Course

Food Production Diploma program is designed to develop the culinary skills amongst students and to prepare them for Catering and Hospitality Industry. The program is designed to train students about food production operations for a five star hotel. Students will able to understand basic cooking styles and different cuts of the vegetable, basic kitchen ethics, stock, and soup preparation.

Eligibility & Admission

Minumum Passed 10+2 or equivalent with English as one of the subjects .

Registration Fee (One Time)2,000/-INR
Yearly Fee35,000/-INR

Learning Outcomes

  • Diploma program will help the student to perform the standard operations of food production relating to various cuisines and satisfy the guest needs.
  • Diploma student will learn the use various commodities which will help them in creativity & innovation.
  • Diploma program will comprehend the student to differentiate between the quality of commodities & ingredients which will help them in preparing a good quality final product.

Programme USP

  • Professional Diploma after 10+2.
  • Opportunity to build career in food industry.
  • Internship in hotel industry.
  • Foreign opportunities on completion of the course.
  • Scope of becoming entrepreneurs in the field.

Career Prospects

There are enormous opportunities for the students in the fast growing hospitality industry upon completion of this Program: Frontline Cooks in Hotels, Restaurants and Cruise lines, Airlines, Institutions and Catering Establishments, Entrepreneurs etc. Students can even target foreign internships & placements after gaining the appropriate skillset.

Course Curriculum

Importance Of Kitchen In Hotel & Catering Establishments          

Methods Of Cooking With Special Application To Meat, Fish, Vegetables, Cheese, Pulses And Egg

Balancing Of Recipes, Standardisation Of Recipes, Standard Yield, Maintaining Recipe Files            

Roux Balance, Roux Blond And Roux Bruno          

Kitchen Stewarding And Upkeep Of Equipment 


Dishwashing Methods  

Garbage Disposal            

Food Poisoning

Food Storage    

Pest Control      

Municipal Health Laws  

Commodities And Costing           

Prevailing Food Standards In India           

Brief Introduction Of Tea, Coffee, Cocoa

Methods Of Food Preservation 

Importance Of Costing And Cost Dynamics           

Organisation & Layout. Larder Control

Salads – Classification

Assembling Cold Buffets, and Sandwiches.

Different Types Of Forcement And Their Uses

Cleaning And Care Of Larder Equipment


Computer Awareness

Accounting Records And Controls