EFOS team
28th Jan, 2021
Planning to go abroad for higher studies??? Beware!!!!
Now a days, it has become trend and more and Indian students are trying to opt for studying  abroad for higher education.This has led to increase in  number of scams in this domain.The procedure and formalities to study abroad being lengthy and complex, Indian youth is getting targeted by the fraud agents. This is the emerging fraud these days for not only small  towns youths but even young people living in metro cities . 

Common frauds by agents include
* Sending of students to unrecognised universities. 
*Wrong documents submitting by agents on behalf of students to get through the admission process leading to blacklisting of students later on. 
*Wrong information provided regarding fee, accommodation or on-campus work and other facilities. 
*Agents even make false commitments that they can assure visas to students through their contacts in the embassy. 

We at EFOS aim at providing trusted and verified information to our youth. 
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